Stemware from Sophienwald

A range of handmade glassware developed to provide an outstanding flavour and a world-class experience.

The Phoenix series is a ultra thin, lightweight and elegant glassware allowing flavour and feeling to overwhelm. The secret is an exceptional and modern glass blowing technique in absolute world standard. It is a demanding handcraft only a few of the world’s most skilled glass blowers have mastered.

The foremost wine connoisseurs of Europe now commend our Phoenix series which were released during the autumn of 2014. The material in our glasses is lead-free and dishwasher-proof for the modern standards of today.

Only a small number of glasses to cover a wide range of wine types

The glass designers of Sophienwald have succeeded with this idea. With a few types of wine glasses, complemented by a champagne flute, the design concept meets the highest requirements as well of sommeliers as of modern households. The most popular glass in our PHOENIX range is the red wine glass (Burgund glass).

Sophienwald wine glasses are of delicate art. The contemporary design provides a stylish atmosphere.

The artistic glasswork of Sophienwald unites the attributes of delicate and yet solid, classic and yet modern, premium class and yet affordable.

Glasses from Sophienwald

  • handmade guaranteed
  • glass of highest quality
  • absolutely lead-free
  • elegant, thin and elastic
  • dishwasher-proof

Our high quality glasses are produced in ECC.

Collection PHOENIX

Our first collection called PHOENIX is, regarding the approach of design, a slim product line of drinking glasses, and consists of stemware as a glass for red wine, a glass for white wine, a glass flute for champagne, as well as a water glass, accompanied by a decanter and a water jar. Our drinking glasses are featured by lightness, delicate and smart style, and high ability for sommeliers. Thus our red and white wine glasses are excellent qualified for a wide range of Austrian and international wines.