This is what makes our glasses stand out:

  • highest quality glass
  • guaranteed mouth blown and handmade
  • light and elegant
  • thin-walled and elastic
  • design especially for wine gourmets and wine tastings
  • only a few wine glasses for highest art of sommelier
  • combines all the requirements of the modern household
  • dishwasher safe*

* Care instructions: To ensure that you can enjoy your Sophienwald glasses for a long time, always use a "gentle" washing programme (fine programme) with a maximum water temperature of 50ºC when washing in the dishwasher. Also make sure that you use an economical dosage of liquid detergent. Always place the glasses in the basket with the opening facing downwards and avoid cleaning them together with very dirty dishes.

The idea was to cover the widest possible range of wines with as few glasses as possible.

The designers of our glass collections have succeeded in meeting the highest demands of the art of sommelier with only a few wine glasses, supplemented by a sparkling wine and champagne glass. At the same time they combine all the advantages to meet the demands of the modern household.

Sophienwald glasses are delicate and fine. The contemporary design fits into modern ambience.

Above all, our Sophienwald glasses are works of art made of glass, which combine the contradictions of delicate and solid, classic and modern, noble and yet affordable. Each glass is mouth-blown, handmade and therefore always unique.

Producing glass is firmly anchored in our roots.

Our company headquarters in Alt-Nagelberg is located on the former site of the Stölzle family glassworks, where glass of world fame was produced from 1725 onwards and from 1847 onwards under the management of the Stölzle family until 2006.

In our family "Kugler" there has been a connection to glassmaking for a long time - the "Kugler" was a qualified hollow glass fine grinder. Ernest Kugler has conducted and documented extensive research on former glassworks in the Gföhlerwald.

Since our company was founded in 2014, we have achieved outstanding customer satisfaction and recognition in the highest professional circles both nationally and internationally with our own glass series. Many wine lovers and winegrowers are enthusiastic about our glasses.

The glasses of the Sophienwald series are produced in the EEC, the design comes from Austria.

Collection PHOENIX

Our first collection PHOENIX is a drinking glass series kept short by the design approach and consists of stemware such as a red wine glass, Bordeaux glass, white wine glass, champagne glass and champagne glass and a water tumbler, accompanied by a decanter and a jug. This series has been expanded by desired demand and is successfully marketed as the Grand CRU collection.

Our glasses are characterized by lightness, delicate elegance and high sommelier ability. Thus our glasses are excellently suited for a broad base of Austrian and international wines.

Collection PHOENIX

Collection Grand CRU