Blackline Bordeaux Glass

#14 Sw2003

The slightly higher goblet allows more distance between wine and nose, letting the nose deeper into the glass without feeling too much evaporation of the alcohol. The smaller opening compared to the Burgundy glass allows less air contact, thus keeping the aromas, acidity and tannins from developing quickly. This brings a more intense aroma, and the slightly smaller opening brings the wine deeper into the palate for a more balanced taste experience. Ideal for medium-bodied wines, whites and reds!

This black glass was developed to test the sommeliers' sensory qualities and strengthen them through practice. Visuality is absolutely limited, here you have to rely on your senses.

The black Sophienwald Bordeaux: The outside of the glass is black lacquered, inside the advantage of the mouth-blown glass, for special events like "Blind Dégustation".

  • mouth-blown guaranteed, finest glass of highest quality
  • slight and elegant, thin and elastic
  • dishwasher-proof*

Height: 228 mm
Volume: 570 ml

  • Colour: deep black

Order 6 pieces and get 1 polishing cloth made of special microfibre for free.

* Care instructions: To ensure that you can enjoy your Sophienwald glasses for a long time, always use a "gentle" washing programme (fine programme) with a maximum water temperature of 50ºC when washing in the dishwasher. Also make sure that you use an economical dosage of liquid detergent. Always place the glasses in the basket with the opening facing downwards and avoid cleaning them together with very dirty dishes.


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