How to order in the Online Shop

The ordering process:

As soon as you have placed the desired goods in the shopping cart, go to the checkout. On the way to checkout you will complete the following steps:

First you enter your billing address. Please make sure that your address and email address are spelled correctly, and that you include a telephone number.  

Then you determine your payment method and the delivery method. In the online shop we offer these types:
Prepayment, Paypal, standard delivery in 30 days.

Finally we give you on an overview page again an overview of all order information. Please check all data carefully and correct them if necessary.

If you agree and want to order, please click on the button " pay order".

What happens after clicking on the payment button in the online shop?

A message in the Online Shop - window (in the browser) confirms that your order email has been sent. As soon as this email is received by our server, an automatic confirmation email is sent back via the inbox. Your order will be re-sent in this email. If you do not receive an email, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Please contact our customer service. We will help you with the clarification and take your order.

Legal notice for online ordering:

The sending of an order is according to general legal opinion an offer on your part. The subsequent confirmation email from our shop server serves only to confirm the receipt of your order and is sent automatically. Only when you have received a written order confirmation from our customer service by email, the purchase contract is concluded. We reserve the right to cancel or not to accept orders that cannot be executed.

If you have received an order confirmation, we will proceed:

We give a shipping order to our shipping partner. The parcel is sent to you by DPD . The parcel is delivered directly. If you are not present, the parcel will be deposited and you will receive a note from the delivery person where you can pick up the parcel.

If you have not picked up the parcel within 14 days, it will be sent back to us. We will cancel your order. If by mistake you have not received the package, please contact customer service.

After opening the parcel, please check the quality of the glasses immediately. If you have any complaints, please contact our customer service immediately. Photo proofs help us to clarify your complaint.

Return of goods:

The return shipment is sent to the return address: <see right of withdrawal >
Please send the declaration to our customer service ...further information on the right of withdrawal

It is different, however, in the case of returning damaged goods, reduced quality with the purpose of exchanging them for a good piece of goods and getting a replacement from us. In this case the postage is on us.